Clean Agent Systems

Server RoomWe service, install and repair clean agent systems which exclusively use FM-200®, a waterless fire suppression agent.


To protect valuable items such as electronic equipment and valuable documents. Some common uses include the following:

  • Data Processing: Server rooms, electronic data, UPS rooms
  • TELCO: Cell sites, microwave towers, PBX & IDF rooms
  • Industrial: process control rooms, laboratories, engine test cells, flammable liquid storage rooms
  • Broadcasting: Radio & TV stations, electronic control rooms, media storage, historic record storage
  • Healthcare: Medical record storage, CT/CAT scan & MRI rooms
  • Cultural: Museums, libraries, personal/corporate collections
  • Others: Bank vaults, cash/security departments, precious inventory


Every system is customized according to the customer’s needs and includes both manual and automatic activations.

  • Manual: Every clean agent system can be activated manually, through mechanical pull stations.
  • Automatic: All systems are also electronically activated through a series of heat and smoke detectors which work simultaneously to activate the agent and alarm system (if one is installed).

System coverage overview:

  • Coverage of up to 22,000 cubic ft using multiple cylinders
  • One nozzle used per cylinder
  • Each nozzle covers a 44ft. Radius
  • Two cylinder sizes with multiple options on agent fill weight