Industrial Fire Suppression Systems


We service, install and repair industrial systems which use dry chemical agents, which suppress more fire by volume than any other agent.

Paint BoothPurpose:

To extinguish large quantities of fire in high risk areas such as all types of paint booths, mixing rooms, chemical storage and mechanical rooms.


Every system is customized according to the customer’s needs and includes both manual and automatic activations.

  • Manual: Every industrial system can be activated manually, through a mechanical pull station.
  • Automatic: All systems are also electronically activated through either a pneumatic or fusible link release system (see below for more information).

Paint BoothOptions of Discharge Activation Devices:

  • Pneumatic Release: use of continuous tubing to detect heat and potential fire ignitions which set off the release of the dry chemical agent.
    • Benefits: allows for a more thorough detection process. Replacement of tubing is only required every three years.
  • Fusible Link Release: use of a series of heat detecting links located in strategic locations which, when detected, will set off the dry chemical agent. Fusible links are replaced on a semi-annual basis.
  • Electric Thermal Detectors: use of a series of heat sticks to activate an electric control panel with the capability for a battery back up for 24/7 supervision.