Fire Extinguisher

“It was after 8:30 PM on second shift when we experienced a large fire, with flames over 25 feet high, in an ACME screw machine. We exhausted 84 fire extinguishers to put the fire, just as we did the fire department showed up. First and foremost, we were glad that we had the proper amount of fire extinguishers in the facility. Secondly, we knew that we could trust that they would work.

Lastly, we called Acquire Fire Protection immediately after the fire to request replacement extinguishers. Otherwise, we would have had to send all our employees home for safety reasons. They delivered over 35 fully charged extinguishers within 45 minutes to hold us over until they could re-charge our empties. We had them all back within 36 hours. Thank you Acquire fire protection.”

—Erik Hanson, Senior Environmental, Energy, Health & Safety Coordinator
for a Large Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio.

“It has been many years since Acquire Fire Protection began servicing our fire extinguishers and I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the great job you are doing.

We are a company that is constantly moving our equipment around and that includes our fire extinguishers. The Bar Code System you designed to help us keep track of them has been essential to our operation and has been a great help to me personally.

Being in the position I am in requires me to be in many places and do many different jobs. I cannot express how grateful I am to know that I can always count on you to make decisions in the field that are in Ayrshire’s best interest.

You have always provided me with expedient service even when we needed it yesterday and have helped save us time and money without my having to be there.

Thank you for the great job you are doing for us at Ayrshire, Inc.”

—Jim, Safety Manager (Ayrshire, Inc. Chardon, Ohio)

Fire Exit Lighting with Extinguisher Sign

Fire Exit Light

“Thank you for the recent service of our fire extinguishers. Jon did everything that was outlined in your quote in a very professional manner. The job was completed with no surprises and the documentation of our fire extinguishers is greatly appreciated. Your level of service, pricing and the Amerex product line is a winning combination.

We look forward to many years of service from Acquire Fire Protection.”

—Mike Hawk (Die Company Inc. Eastlake, Ohio)

“Acquire Fire Protection was timely and efficient. They were honest through ever step of the relationship, both with final costs and services. Their knowledge of all potential fire hazards will now guarantee a safe working environment for everyone in our office.”

—Katie Flemming, Marketing Coordinator (Hilty Moore & Associates)

Fire Extinguisher and Hose